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Hiyo! My name is Nollaig, and I'm a 26 year old animation-enthusiast from Ireland. I'm not a particularly amazing artist, I just use my art as a way to vent/express my love of animated movies (stemming from a childhood obsession with TLK, though The Road To El Dorado is my favourite animated movie!

My Gallery: My gallery features all kinds of weird and wonderful things, including well known Disney and Dreamworks movie fanart, lesser known movie fanart, My Little Pony, Pokemon, some digital portraits of my favourite famous people, there's a Tardis in there somewhere and lots more - so check it out!

Commissions: I'm currently open for commissions on a regular basis (I close when the slots fill up, and re-open when one becomes available.) Add my commission journal to your favourites to never miss an opening!


Hey guys.


So a guy I used to work with had a 7 year old laptop which became spare when work upgraded him for free. So he gave me his old machine, for free, pretty much for keeps. Which, obviously, I'm delighted about, because it will make college life so much easier for me. Unfortunately, I still cannot draw, because the tracking pad/mouse responsiveness is terrible on it. As most (but not all!) of you know - I draw entirely with my finger on a tracking pad. Comfortable, smooth, accurate mouse responsiveness is everything to my art. I have tried practicing and I have tried altering all the settings I can find, but I simply cannot draw on this laptop, the mouse is too jerky. So, yeah. No more drawing for me. Which honestly, really, really upsets me. I miss it so much. But what can ya do. Just thought I'd let you all know what the situation is.



I've dragged this out as long as possible in the hopes of finding some way around my laptop's death. Today was the final straw - I got a new charger and tried that, and it did nothing. So it is the laptop itself refusing to take power, which may well mean the hard drive is corrupted. Whatever the story is, it's unuseable, and it has taken all my files and software with it.

This means two things, one for you guys and one for me:

1. Commissioners - I cannot finish your commissions.

I also, at this precise moment in time, cannot afford to refund you the points you gave me for them, because I hedged my last bet on a new power supply for my laptop and am utterly broke now. HOWEVER. I *will* refund you all over the coming weeks, as I get money. (I need money to buy points to return to you.) I'm just in an incredibly difficult financial situation right now, exacerbated by spending money trying to fix my laptop. I ask you all to please, please be patient with me, as I'm under a lot of stress right now with all this. I haven't just lost the ability to draw your comissions, I have lost 10 years worth of personal photos, emails, texts, raw art files. If my house burned down, I wouldn't lose the wealth of valuables I have lost with my laptop. I just need time to get the money together to refund you all.

I apologise sincerely, but believe me, there is nothing I can do.

2. I will not be drawing anymore.

I cannot afford a new laptop. I will not be able to afford a new laptop in the forseeable future. I have attempted to reacquire my drawing software since my laptop died, to install on a friend's laptop just to finish commissions, and I couldn't find the software. Even if I could, I'm going to have to return this laptop shortly. So the point here is, I'm not going to be drawing anymore in the forseeable future. I will still be around DA, I will reply to comments and check up on my DA pals, and of course I will be back to refund my commissioners - so I'm not going anywhere. But I won't be drawing and uploading new material. Hopefully someday circumstances will allow me to get a new laptop and software.

Until then, thanks to everyone who has watched me, favourited or commented on my work, watched my livestreams, and generally supported me on here over the years. It has meant more to me than you guys will ever know.

See ya around.
  • Mood: Sadness
Hey all,

Just a short journal to let you all know my laptop has died a death. I'm not yet certain if it's permanent, but I have to wait about a week for a new power lead to get to me before I can tell. If it is permanent, that is going to pose all sorts of problems for me in the long run - but obviously that's not your concern.

Who this does concern, is my commissioners. I had three commissions started, and I cannot access those files now. Nor can I use my laptop for anything, let alone art. My friend is allowing me borrow her laptop tomorrow, with the intention of installing my drawing software on it so I can continue commissions over the next week while I wait to see if my own laptop is genuinely dead. I don't know how well that is going to go, but I'll keep you updated.

I ask that everyone who has commissioned me be patient. Give me a week and a half. If I cannot make something work with my friend's laptop, and if I find that my laptop is officially permenenantly dead, I will refund everyone I still owe a commission to.

I'm trying to stay optimistic, so fingers crossed!

~ Noll x
Commission: Dahlia by Nollaig
Commission: Dahlia
Commission for Saachi1399  of her character Dahlia. She was described as short-tempered, so I went for a grumpy look! She's not impressed by us all oogling her! ^_^


For info on commissions check out my journal:
Livesteamtrain time! Drawing (possibly) two commissions!
4 deviants said Ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo.

Just so ye all know I'm still here - I'M STILL HERE! COLLEGE IS AMAZING AND I LOVE IT BUT good LORD I have had NO TIME for ANYTHING and that includes commissions. I have no forgotten, do not worry, I've just had an insanely busy couple of weeks. This weekend I'm gonna get back on them. Please be patient, I will get through them all, fear not! :D

:bulletred: Are You Still Doing Commissions?
No. Commissions are every kind of CLOSED, at the moment.


:bulletred: What Will You Draw?
Lions. Tigers. Dogs. Wolves. Meerkats. Giraffes. Anything cute and cuddly. Message me with references of your animal to find out if I will draw it.

:bulletred: How Do I Order a Commission?

Send me a note! Or, leave a comment on this journal. Give me as much information about what you're looking for, and I will get back to you within a few hours.

:bulletred: How Much Will It Cost?

Well, that will depend on what you want. See below for examples, but bear in mind different animals, poses, settings etc all take different amounts of work, so I will give you a quote based around how much time I feel I will spend on the commission.

:bulletred: Examples of busts with varying degrees of character visibility, BG and shading:

Ondo by Nollaig Kuchuna by NollaigCommission: Vera by Nollaig Ajua by Nollaig
1200 points                    800 points                          700 points                   550 points
Full Body, full scene      Half-Body large scene      Bust, small scene       Bust, no BG
$12                                  $8                                        $7                                $5.50

:bulletred: How Do I Pay You?
Either by points, or Paypal. Both are equally welcome.
Note: Please NEVER send me points by any means other than the commission widget . If you are paying by points, I will set up a custom entry in my commission widget. If you are paying my PayPal, note me and I will send you my PayPal address.

Current Commissions!

1. Juffs *in progress*
2. Saachi1399 *in progress*
3. Glingal
4. Private Commissioner
5. --Available--


Note on cost: If 800-1200 points seems expensive, bear in mind that is just €6-9 euro that I will actually make from these drawings. Given that I'm doing this because I could use the money, and that these drawings will take 3-6 hours to draw... I think that's not bad.

Disclaimer: If I cannot complete a commission after accepting it, you will be refunded in full.

Any questions, throw em in the comments or in my inbox!



AND! For those of you who have commissioned me (past and still waiting) - I thought you might like to know what I'm gonna do with the monies!

Thingy by Nollaig

I have the tablet already, but I figure rather than hefting my bulky, dying laptop to college, bringing a tablet in a case with a keyboard would be the perfect compact solution for note-taking, a decent screen for internet access and general convenience. I'm not gonna buy it til I've all your commissions finished, but I'm really pleased (even if I don't get my course, it'll still be useful) so thank you guys!! <3


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Figure I may as well have one of these yokes lyin around in case anyone feels generous!

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